Evidently, some people have no desire for self-improvement. If you identify with the group of humans who do not want to be better tomorrow than they are today, then this website is not for you. On the other hand, if you desire to grow, expand your grasp of personal development, and be the best possible version of yourself, you may enjoy the discussion we facilitate.

At Humble Viewpoint, our journey begins many years ago when we were first exposed to the recordings of Earl Nightengale. For those who may not be aware: before the current crop of motivators and gurus, generations of insightful sages paved the path we know as the self-improvement industry.

Although personal development goes back to the earliest days of the human family, Earl Nightengale was the entry point for many of us who love the field today. His well-crafted essays, delivered in a confidence-inspiring baritone voice, captivated a generation of aspiring students of human capacity.

Once the door to 'Sucess Psychology' was opened, it was impossible to close it. Like an addiction, one book leads to another. One training seminar is not enough. At some point the desire to share became overwhelming. And share we have. Even those who have no affinity for growth have been subjected to a tsunami.

Name-dropping is tempting. It might help to attract the search engines. But it is sufficient to say we have read the books, listened to the tapes, watched the videos, and attended the live events of many leaders in our field. The one name that should be acknowledged is Brian Tracy. His organization makes outstanding intellectual property available (for a price) to trainers and coaches. We are grateful to have been able to tap into a wealth of training materials that add legitimacy to our programs.

We are determined to remain humble, always learning even as we share what we have learned. If you want to benefit from the insights of those who have been on this path for a while, please join us https://youtu.be/IR2dC-_KORs