Often in counseling sessions, in coaching sessions, people think, well, why are we talking about this other matter here?  I have a specific problem, and I'm sure it can be very frustrating when the therapist or the counselor starts talking about areas that might seem to be unrelated. But here's the reality.

Everything is connected. All the truth in the universe is connected. Sometimes when there's a glaring flaw in one area, our tendency is to focus on that glaring flaw. And that's not the best use of our time.  If you had a beautiful wooden tabletop and somebody put a bad scratch in it, the tendency that an amateur repairman might fall into is to go to that table and begin sanding on the scratch. And what would happen to that? Well, now you'd have a depression, you'd have a hollow spot on the table. How much better to let the professional who's had experience handle that scratch? And what would they do? Well, rather than focusing on the scratch itself, they would focus on polishing the entire table. https://youtube.com/shorts/AoL9DT_1VvE?